Appraisal Nation, the nationwide leader in Appraisal Management services is proud to now offer Title & Settlement services via our proprietary software, TitleWorks. We’ve created the TitleWorks system in order to provide an improved and managed process for Title & Settlement Services to our vendors and clients. TitleWorks significantly increases productivity and creates a more efficient process.

TitleWorks is a data-driven system designed to assist in managing the entire Title & Settlement process. Vendors are able to complete assignments at lightening speeds which in turn makes it possible for clients to receive the final product faster than ever before. TitleWorks transforms a complex industry into a simplistic and robust process.

Utilizing proprietary technology and an intuitively designed interface, TitleWorks contains automated processes, tracking ability, scheduling and more.


  • Never miss a thing.

    No more having to ask for updates. TitleWorks automatically notifies you each time you receive a message or there is a change to your order.

  • Dropbox Synching

    Does your company use Dropbox to transfer or store files? You can use our integrated platform to pull files directly from your Dropbox account.

  • Seamless ordering

    Ordering has never been so easy. Simply send the order to your account representative and within a matter of minutes your order will be in our system.

  • Comprehensive Vendor Database

    Our system has a fully stocked database of vendor information and coverage areas, meaning we can assign your order to a local vendor in minutes.

  • Message tracking

    Track each message sent to and from vendors with a single click.

  • Simple, yet beautiful

    Our system has been designed with a clean and modern look, making it as easy as possible for you to navigate with ease.