Vendor Payment Policy

ANPP1 6/9/2015 6/9/2015

Appraisal Nation Vendor Payment Policy

Appraisal Nation cuts and sends out vendor payment checks once a month, while following all state regulations on paying appraisers for completed orders. In order to ensure an appraiser can receive payment on any completed order(s) in a timely manner, the following items must be completed within the appraisers profile:

  • Updated W9
  • Office Address
  • Office Phone
  • Tax ID
  • Social Security Number

If the above items are not correctly filled out in the appraisers profile any expected payment may be delayed due to missing or incorrect information. It is the responsibility of the appraiser to ensure all information is correct and up-to-date in their profile.

Should an appraiser require assistance updating their profile information, please contact the Appraisal Nation Customer Service department at 866-735-0901. For any questions or concerns regarding payments, please contact the Appraisal Nation Accounting department at 866-735-0901, or email