Vendor Professionalism & Dress Code Policy

ANPVDC1 6/9/2015 6/9/2015

Appraisal Nation Vendor Professionalism & Dress Code Policy

Appraisal Nation is a nationwide appraisal management company that represents many different banks, lenders, credit unions and other various companies that need collateral valuation products. When an appraiser visits a property he is representing the lending institution, Appraisal Nation, and the appraisal industry as a whole. It is for this reason that Appraisal Nation must ask that the namesake and reputation of these great companies and industry not be tarnished by any thoughtless, careless, or inconsiderate behavior.

Professionalism is the standing, practice, or methods of a professional, as distinguished from an amateur. We ask that all our appraisers remain professional at all times when interacting with ANY party during an Appraisal Nation assignment.

Parties include but are not limited to: borrowers, agents, Appraisal Nation employees, lenders, or any other party needing to be contacted to provide completion for an Appraisal Nation assignment.

Professionalism throughout the assignment process includes but is not limited to the following:

• At no time during the appraisal process may an appraiser be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

• No tobacco products may be used on and during the inspection process

• No foul or inappropriate language may be used to any party.

• USPAP and all appraisal professional standards MUST be conformed to at all times.

• Appraiser must recognize that he represents an entire industry with every interaction and must strive to represent his industry in the best possible way.

• Appraiser is to be polite and courteous when interacting with any party during the appraisal process.

• Appraiser is not permitted to bring animals to inspections.

• Appraiser is not permitted to bring other people to inspections, unless it is another appraiser, appraiser trainee, or for security needs.

• Appraiser will listen to all concerns borrowers may have including value but may not discuss value with borrower. Appraiser’s response to value should be similar to “I do not know an exact value but will complete the best appraisal in my ability.”

• Appraiser to recognize that a home is a borrower’s biggest asset and to treat it with respect, following the rules of the home.

• Appraiser to provide identification through Appraiser’s License, Driver’s License, or business card at time of inspection.

• Appraiser will not inspect a property if only a minor present. Appraiser will ask minor for guardians contact # and call guardian from site to advise how to proceed. DO NOT enter property without guardian approval.

• At inspection, appraiser will not touch or take anything that is not directly related to the inspection process.

• Appraiser will use his best judgment to make good ethical decisions at all times, if appraiser is unsure he may contact Appraisal Nation or his state appraisal board for further guidance.

• Appraiser to use appropriate hygiene when attending inspections, including: cleanliness of clothes, body, & hair.

• Appraiser is to attempt to be odor free during inspections using appropriate anti-perspirant deodorant if needed.


Appropriate and Professional dress is required. When representing Appraisal Nation we ask that the following not be worn: sweat pants, overalls, ripped or cut-off shorts, athletic shorts, tank tops, shirts bearing midriffs.

Any clothing with the following is also not allowed: statements, gestures, gang signs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol or tobacco logos, marijuana symbols, sayings, phrases, cartoon characters, or anything else that can be perceived as offensive or unprofessional. Recommended attire for appraising is khaki or pleated pants and a polo or button down shirt.