Is my data safe?

At Appraisal Nation, we take the security of your information very seriously. We understand the trust given by our clients and vendors in allowing us to handle their personal information. To that end, we have employed industry best practice safeguards to ensure that you and your borrowers information is as safe as possible.

All personal information that you enter on any Appraisal Nation service is always 100% private and secure. We encrypt any personal information you have entered using SSL Security before transmitting over the Internet to our servers. Hence, all the data that you send through, including your name, address & card details, is encrypted using 256-bit SSL with 2048-bit root technology and, in the extremely unlikely event that the data should be intercepted, it would be impossible to decipher.

Our state of the art encryption works by scrambling words and numbers before they travel across the Internet so they can’t be read or altered. Every time you use any part of our service(s) that carries or requires sensitive information such as your credit card details, the Internet Address you are visiting will change to “https:” and an icon resembling a padlock will appear somewhere your browser window. These combined events are an indication that the site is secure.