How will I receive status updates on my orders?

There are two places you will receive status updates on your orders. The first is in the Message Center inside of the actual order itself. To get to the Message Center:

1. Login to TitleWorks


2. Click “Order” then “Order List”


3. Click on the order number you wish to view messages for. You will then be shown the Message Center


Our team will also contact you via private message within TitleWorks. You can access these messages by:

1. Login to TitleWorks



2. If you have a new message, you will see a red circle with a number hovering over the Private Message icon at the top of your screen


3. Click on the private message icon, then click on the new message that is shown


4. You can now view the received message. You can also respond directly to our team with any questions or concerns via the message.


5. Once your message is typed out, click the green “Send” button


6. You should now see a blue verification message in the top right if your screen