Our Philosophy is simple: Care and quality. We care about every interaction and make that evident in our daily work. It is our dedication to you the customer that we only deliver quality reports by quality appraisers through quality employees. We are one of the only appraisal management companies in the country started by a former loan officer, so when we say we understand we truly do. We understand your need to be kept up to date with every step of the appraisal. We understand your needs regarding rate locks and month end and most importantly we understand that your borrower is your most important asset.

Our goal is to be the only appraisal company that you will use for every order in the country for the rest of your lending career. The only way for us to do that is to take time to understand what you need and make every effort to accommodate. If you need anything regarding an appraisal or just have questions about an order, please contact us and see the Appraisal-Nation difference.

Customer Service

At Appraisal Nation, we believe that the first step in being the best Appraisal Management Company possible is customer service. Our clients come back to us time and time again because of our approach to customer service. Whether you speak with our Client Services team, our Vendor Management department or even our Quality Control experts, you are guaranteed to have the best customer service experience possible within the Appraisal Management industry.

How are we able to provide such amazing customer service? From day one of employment with Appraisal Nation, our staff members are trained in the art of customer service. Whether that means dealing with clients on the phone, assisting a new appraiser with joining our panel or even requesting revisions on a report – our staff members are trained on how to make your experience with Appraisal Nation the most engaging experience possible. After each encounter with an Appraisal Nation team member, our goal is for you to walk away as satisfied as possible. We go the extra mile to ensure that your issues are resolved in a timely manner, with the best possible outcome for you and your company.

At the top of the Customer Service pyramid, you’ll find our Client Services team. The Client Services team are trained in some of the most advanced customer service techniques so they can better serve our clients. From dealing with billing related issues, to giving daily updates to our clients – the Client Services department will be sure to exceed all of your customer service expectations.

Not just another number

One of the biggest concerns we receive from appraisers looking to join our panel, is that they will be just another number in a database of names. Many appraisers feel they are used and then thrown away by most AMC’s. Not at Appraisal Nation. Our guarantee to appraisers; You are NOT just another number. All of our appraisers matter to us equally. When you join our panel, you are joining a family. Appraisal Nation has over 12,000+ appraisers nation wide – and we know them all by name.

We believe that in order to be the best AMC possible, we need to get to know our appraisers while letting them get to know us. In order to properly service our appraisers, our Vendor Management team consists of a very small number of people, tasked to handle our growing list of appraisers. Why keep our vendor management team so small? When you call most AMC’s you are reach a call center. You never know who is going to pick up the phone. It’s not personal, it’s almost robotic. At Appraisal Nation, we want you to get to know our vendor management team on a first-name basis. Many of our appraisers are so grateful for the way our vendor management team engages them on a daily basis, that we often receive gift baskets and various goodies from our appraisers as a way of saying “Thank You for being the best”. If you are looking for an AMC that truly cares about you as a person, contact our Vendor Management team today at 866-735-0901 option 6.