When you order an appraisal through Appraisal Nation you expect to receive the highest quality report, and we plan to give it to you. That’s why Appraisal Nation has partnered with PlatinumData to utilize their RealView system on all of our orders at no cost to the client. By utilizing the RealView system, Appraisal Nation is able to find and resolve over 60% of errors within an appraisal in a matter of minutes.

With RealView, Appraisal Nation is able to:

  • Access to over 90% of the nation’s MLS systems
  • Automatically detect mortgage fraud
  • Automatically verify the appraisers license on both the ASC and the HUD
  • Find sales price movements & market risk movement within minutes
  • Automatically compare the appraisal to client-specific rules
  • Automatically check an appraisal against over 2,500 USPAP guidelines
  • Cut review time by 60%
  • Analyze and compare over 1,300 customer data points
  • And more!