Many AMCs claim to be nationwide, but are not licensed in all states since the expenses and requirements for licensing can be cumbersome. Many of these AMCs may only have a small network of appraisers located in a handful of states key for their big clients or existing business. Outside that footprint they will reject or outsource orders where they do not have coverage to be nationwide.

Appraisal Nation maintains over 20,000 of the nation’s most experienced appraisers serving locally in all 3,100 counties in America. Our Customer Service department regularly reviews individual licenses and checks state boards for any disciplinary action; along with maintaining eligibility list for all major investors.

Appraisal Nation is one of only 64 AMCs (as of Dec. 2013) in the United States who are truly nationwide, and one of only five AMCs recognized as a Top 50 Mortgage Service Provider in America. (Mortgage Executive Magazine, Dec. 2013).

State License Number
Alabama AL0136
Alaska Pending & Approved to Work
Arizona 40204
Arkansas AMR-152
California 1593
Colorado AMC20131082
Connecticut AMC.0000103
Delaware 0000078
Florida MC70
Georgia 111
Hawaii AMC-1358
Idaho 00095
Illinois 558000056
Indiana AMC1200001
Iowa 00095
Kansas KS081
Kentucky AMC109
Louisiana AMC.0174
Maine AMC4159t
Maryland 31543
Massachusetts 108
Michigan 1202000090
Minnesota AS-20631298
Mississippi AMC-087
Missouri 2014011375
Montana 4225
Nebraska NE2012095
Nevada AMC.0000566
New Hampshire AMC-44
New Jersey 42AC00007700
New Mexico AMC1139
New York AMC-19-0270
North Carolina NC-1002
North Dakota Pending
Ohio Pending
Oklahoma 60137AMC
Oregon AM-147
Pennsylvania 120239416
Rhode Island Pending
South Carolina 42
South Dakota AMC-SD-1096-2013
Tennessee 156
Texas TX 2000168
Utah 8487087-AMC0
Vermont 77.0078019
Virginia 4009000104
Washington 3000151
West Virginia WV010119
Wyoming 85